AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard (HDD/SSD/M2 Partition Creator) Download

Aomei Partition Assistant is a free disk partitioning tool that allows you to easily create new partitions on your hard disk.

Aomei Partition Assistant Standart is easy-to-use software designed so that you can create partitions on your hard disk, rename partitions, and easily manage partitions.

With the help of the program, you can resize/move, expand/shrink, create, delete, format, hide, copy, clone, delete hard disks, delete partitions, perform disk surface tests, repartition without losing data.

You can assign a different partition to each user through disk partitioning on computers used by public users.

With a very simple and stylish interface, Aomei Partition Assistant also offers users an easy use.

I recommend this successful software to all our users, where I did not encounter any errors during my tests.

Supports MBR (Master boot record) and GPT (Guid partition table) disks in all 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • Resize or remove a partition
  • Transfer the operating system to SSD or HDD or M2 NVME
  • Extend ntfs system partition without restarting the computer
  • Merge or split two different partitions
  • Disassemble large partitions
  • Copy partitions to move operating system or information
  • Copy a disk to a new dir disk without reinstalling Windows or applications
  • Recover lost or deleted partitions
  • Convert a primary disk to a logical disk
  • Supports USB sticks, 2TB MBR disk and 4TB GPT disks


File Name: PAssist_Std.exe

Version: Latest / 9.7.0

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