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Bluestacks 3 – Offline Installer Download

BlueStacks Android Emulator is a free emulator program that allows you to play Android games for Windows PC.

BlueStacks is a free emulator program that allows you to play Android games for Windows on PC. With BlueStacks Android Emulator, you get the chance to play Android games on computer with keyboard and mouse support for free.

BlueStacks App Player has over 400 million players and over 1 million Android games, allowing you to download and play free mobile games like PUBG for free on your PC. So it is the best Android emulator for computer. You can play popular Google Play Android games such as Among Us, PUBG, Rise of Kingdoms, Raid Shadow Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Left of Survive, Critical Ops, Lords Mobile, State of Survival, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Game of Sultans, League of Legends Wild Rift and more on your computer at high FPS. You can enjoy playing on computer with Action, RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Arcade, Paper, Classic, Puzzle, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Word, basically all kinds of mobile games bluestacks.

  • Play Android games on a computer
  • Run Android apps on a computer
  • Take screenshots from games and apps
  • Be able to run multiple games or applications simultaneously
  • Live streaming on Twitch
  • Reaching over 1.5 million Android games


How to Download and Install BlueStacks?

How to download and install BlueStacks, which allows you to install and run your favorite Android games and apps on your Windows computer? That’s what we need to talk about. The latest version of BlueStacks is version 4, but the following BlueStacks download and installation steps apply to all versions:

  • Click the BlueStacks download button above.
  • After the download process begins, the .exe file is saved in your Downloads folder or to another love location that you specify. After the download is complete, click bluestacks.exe file.
  • The setup file will start extracting the necessary files to be installed. Click the Install now button to start the installation. Setup may take up to 5 minutes, depending on your computer’s hardware. Once installed, click the Complete button.
  • After setup is complete, the first boot may take 3 to 5 minutes, based on your computer’s performance.
  • After the first sign-in is complete, you’ll see a Google Sign-in screen to add your account. Continue by entering the username and password of your Google account.
  • When you successfully log in to your Google account, you will be redirected to the home screen of BlueStacks App Player. You can start setting up and running your favorite mobile apps.

How to Sign In to BlueStacks?

BlueStacks Google Play sign-in steps:

  • Install and start BlueStacks. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Google account at first sign-in. Click the Sign In button.
  • The Google Play Store sign-in screen will open. Click the Sign In button.
  • After waiting a few seconds, you’ll see the Google Sign-in page. Enter your email address linked to your Google account and click next.
  • Enter your password and continue by clicking Next. Accept the terms and conditions on the next screen.
  • The option to back up to Google Drive is optional. After setting this up, click the Accept button.
  • You can now install and run millions of games and apps in the Google Play app store on BlueStacks.

How to Use BlueStacks?

How to download bluestacks game? How to install BlueStacks application? With BluStacks, there are different ways to install Android games and apps on computer. You can install from the Google Play Store, install using the BlueStacks search bar, set up from the game center, or install with the APK install option.

Steps to install Android apps/games from the Google Play Store:

  • Start BlueStacks and go to the Library.
  • Click the Google Play Store icon in the library.
  • Like the phone, the Google Play app store will appear.
  • In the search bar, type the name of the app/game you want, and then click Install.
  • It will appear in the Library when the application you want is installed.

Steps to install Android app/game using BlueStacks Search function:

  • Start BlueStacks and point to the search bar in the upper-right corner.
  • Enter the name of the app you want to install, and then click the blue magnifying glass icon.
  • In the search results, click the icon for the app you want. (If the app you want to download doesn’t appear, you can use the Search option on Google Play below.)
  • The app you want to install opens in the Google Play Store. Click the Install button.
  • The landing app will appear in the Library.

Steps to install Android app/game via BlueStacks Application Center:

  • Every time you start BlueStacks, the first game center opens. Here you list different types of fun and useful applications that will interest you.
  • When you find the app you want to install, click on it.
  • The app opens in the Google Play Store and you can start the download process by clicking Install.
  • You can reach it from the Library when the application lands.

Steps to install Android app/game with apk install option:

  • The Android app/game you want to install can’t be downloaded from Google Play or may no longer be available/removed from Google Play. In this case, find and download the APK file to your computer from secure APK download sites such as APKPure, APKMirror.
  • Start BlueStacks and go to the Library.
  • In the Library, click the elli/o next to All Installed. Choose Install APK from the options.
  • A window opens where you can navigate to the .apk file for the application you want to install in BlueStacks.
  • Double-click or select the app’s .apk file, and then click Open.
  • The application will start installing on BlueStacks. You can access it from the Library.

How to Speed Up BlueStacks

BlueStacks comes with a variety of performance improvements and bug fixes in each release, but there are also a few settings you can make to make it work faster, more performance-capable on your PC. Here’s what you can do to speed up BlueStacks:

  • Make sure virtualization is turned on: on your Windows 10 computer, click the Start button, then follow the Settings – Update and Security – Recovery – Restart Now path. Select advanced options after troubleshooter. Select UEFI Firmware Settings. Click Restart to restart the system and enter UEFI (BIOS). After you enter the BIOS, locate virtualization technology and set it to Enable. To find out if your computer supports virtualization, you can download this tool if you are using a computer with an Intel processor , a computer with an AMD processor.
  • Allocate more RAM and CPU cores to BlueStacks: Click the gear icon on the side toolbar to go to the Settings menu. Point to the Motor tab and increase the amount of memory (RAM) and the number of processor (CPU) cores under Performance. This will make BlueStacks run faster, more performance-based.
  • Change the power plan from Control Center to high performance: Under Control Center – Hardware and Audio – Power Options, set the plan to “High Performance”.
  • Update your video card drivers: You can use GeForce Experience to download up-to-date NVIDIA video card drivers, AMD Radeon to update the AMD video card driver.
  • Close other programs that consume high RAM: Multiple programs at the same time can explicitly run slowly on BlueStacks. You can resolve this issue by closing programs that are not priority from Task Manager. In Task Manager, under Processes, identify applications that consume a lot of RAM, and then click End Task.
  • Set up your antivirus program: If your security program has an option to virtualize it, enable it or temporarily disable real-time protection.


  • Playing Android games on a computer
  • High performance
  • Using a keyboard and mouse

File Name: BlueStacks-Installer_BS3_native.exe

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