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This download link: Release v1.34.80 – 32 Bit Offline Installer for Windows.

The Brave browser blocks ads and viewers that slow you down, waste bandwidth, and invade your privacy. Brave allows you to automatically contribute to your favorite publishers based on the sites you visit the most. Brave Web Browser, which continues to work in open source, makes commitments to its users in terms of speed, security and ad blocking.

The most important feature is that Brave Browser 32bit will save us money when browsing the internet. Hundreds of ads are shown to users while browsing websites. Inevitably, the user looks at these ads, clicks and others make money. Brave Browser 32 bit has changed this system to allow internet users to make money as well. According to this method; All ads on sites entered with the Brave Web Browser are blocked, and their ads are shown in these placements. Revenues from these areas are collected in a pool and distributed to users in various ways.

Brave Browser is a fast, secure web browser from Google Chrome with ad blocking.

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