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Brave Browser is a fast, secure web browser from Google Chrome with ad blocking.

This download link: Release v1.34.80 – 64 Bit Offline Installer for Windows.

Brave Browser stands out for its built-in ad blocking system for users looking for speed and safe features in a web browser, supporting https on all websites and opening web pages extremely quickly. Click the Brave Download button above to try Brave, a faster, safer, and reward-winning web browser than Google Chrome. Brave Browser is among the best open source and free internet browsers.

Brave Browser Features

The browser, which can work on all systems in Windows 7 and above, does not allow malicious users who try to infiltrate the system quietly, in addition to blocking ads with exceptional content that appear or suddenly appear when clicked on any point of the page in the login to the web page. Another feature of the browser that protects the user against web pages that cause purchase-oriented ads to appear by following the pages you browse the web is that it has a security system (https everywhere)that makes you feel safe on all sites.

Another feature that distinguishes Brave Browser from its peers, which can be preferred by those who care about security and speed, is that it saves money when blocking ads. Downloading Brave is free, like Google Chrome, but Brave is the only internet browser that rewards you the time you use it. Brave rewards you for browsing the internet, while at the same time offering a noticeably faster, safer and more enjoyable experience than Google Chrome. You don’t have to compromise your privacy to surf the Internet.

  • Protections: Ad blocking, Fingerprint prevention, Cookie control, HTTPS upgrade, Script blocking, Separate protection settings for each site, Configurable global protection defaults
  • Security: Clear browsing data, Built-in password manager, Autoformat form filling, Content access control to full-screen presentation, Site access control to autoplayed media, Send “Do Not Follow” with Navigation requests
  • Search: Select default search engine, keyboard shortcuts for Alternative search engines, Option to use DuckDuckGo for custom window search
  • Brave Rewards: Winning special rewards by viewing, supporting favorite creators, monthly support for sites, making automatic donations to sites, verifying with Uphold and moving money in and out of wallets, Being an approved creator and earning donations, help, and BAT from recommended people
  • Tabs and Windows: Custom window, Pinned tabs, Drag and drop, Tab duplicate, Turn off options, Find on page, Print page
  • IPFS Integration: Navigating without agents, accessing content directly from the IPFS network, installing a full IPFS network with a single click
  • Address bar: Bookmarking, Auto suggested URLs, Search address bar, Auto suggest search terms, Show/hide bookmarks toolbar, Show and unsafe sites
  • Extensions/Add-ons: Brave Desktop supports most Chrome extensions in the Chrome web store.
  • Brave Firewall + VPN (for iOS only, paid feature): Unlike many browsers that offer VPNs that hide a user’s IP address, Brave’s Firewall + VPN, powered by the Guardian, offers enhanced security and privacy by encrypting and protecting everything users do when connected to the internet. It blocks trackers in all applications, protects all connections, never shares and sells your data, the VPN server doesn’t know who you are.
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