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Calibre is a handy ebook management program that lets you organize and sync your ebooks for free on different platforms.

Calibre is a free program that meets all your ebook needs. Calibre is designed to work on all platforms. It works seamlessly on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms. You can also sync all your ebook reader tools with Calibre. With Calibre, you can convert between ebook formats and read your ebooks through the program. In addition, you can use the

  • Calibre organizes your entire collection of ebooks for you. It allows you to easily make changes to your library.
  • Calibre can convert your ebooks from many formats to many formats. At the same time, the transformative tool can change the fonts of your ebooks, and map chapters of your books.
  • If you want, you can add the section maps you’ve made to the beginning of your ebook.
  • During pairing, Calibre automatically chooses the better one if the ebooks available on your computer or portable device are available in multiple formats. If one of the books you want to sync is not compatible with your device, Calibre automatically converts its format and syncs it to your device.
  • Calibre can record all news from a specific news feed (RSS) as an ebook and sync it to your device. In this way, you can read your news as if you were reading newspapers anywhere.
  • Calibre also has a very advanced ebook reader in it.
  • It provides sync on all your devices using the online sync feature of readers such as Kindle. You can also access your archive from your daily tools such as your mobile phone thanks to the ability to send books in the form of e-mail.
  • Support for the CSS 3 format module (The appearance of formats in the reader depends on the reader’s support for CSS 3.)
  • Sharing by email.
  • E-book viewer: Rotating images in the pop-up image viewer.
  • System probe for format that can express special characters
  • New format browser added to place all formats in the system.
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