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Chromium uses the same infrastructure as Google Chrome and is an open source internet browser.

Chromium is an open source browser project that builds the Google Chrome infrastructure. The Chromium browser project aims to provide users with the best internet experience with safer, faster, more stable versions.

Chromium is constantly being developed in terms of design and software with a team of developers from all over the world. Improvements are being made in the light of the latest internet technologies. Therefore, those who are looking for an innovative browser can try Chromium. Chromium, which can be described as a simpler version of Google Chrome, is exactly the same as Chrome in terms of design and operating principle.

The biggest advantage of users downloading Chromium is that it is free of all unnecessary plugins that come with Google Chrome and tools that send data to Google. In this way, users who are uneasy about their personal safety are allowed to get rid of this anxiety. However, due to the fact that Chromium is not updated automatically, it is appropriate for users to check the up-to-dateness of their program frequently.

If you are looking for an alternative and new web browser that you can use, I strongly recommend that you do not go through without browsing. You can also use all the extensions and shortcuts you use in Google Chrome in Chromium.

Version: 100.0.4890.0

File Name: 32 Bit:Win/971595/   64 Bit: Win_x64/971596/

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