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CPU-Z 2.0 + Portable (What is My CPU, GPU, Motherboard, RAM) Download

With CPU-Z, you can learn about the basic components of your computer. With CPU-Z, you can get information about your processor, motherboard and bios information, Ram memory and latency, and information about your DirectX version.

CPU-Z is a free system tool that provides you with your computer’s processor, motherboard and memory information in detail instantly.

What is CPU-Z? What’s the Use?

The program shows you the speed of your processor, internal and external operating clock speeds, type, model, cache information, manufacturer, core voltage, multiplier, all cache levels, as well as presenting your motherboard model and manufacturer, BIOS features, chipset (north and south bridge) information, memory cards and AGP details.

CPU-Z, where you can instantly monitor the features of your system, is one of the indispensable programs especially for overclocking enthusiasts. It is also possible to access information about your video card from the graphics tab on the program. Supported hardware types and models are available at the program’s manufacturer address.

CPU-Z is a free program that collects information about some of your system’s main devices:

  • Processor name and number, code name, process, packet, cache levels
  • Motherboard and chipset
  • Memory type, size, schedules, and module properties (SPD)
  • Internal frequency of each core, real-time measurement of memory frequency

Version: 2.0 / 1.95

Filename: cpu-z_2.00-en.exe – cpu-z_1.95-en.zip

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