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Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) – Intel, AMD, Nvidia Download

With Display Driver Uninstaller, you can remove your video card driver that you have difficulty removing.

Display Driver Uninstaller is a free program removal tool that helps users with the video card driver removal program.

When we install our video card drivers on our computer, they can usually perform their work properly. But when we install an incompatible driver or install a video card driver that is not optimized correctly, we can get blue screen errors and our system can stop working. In such cases, we need to remove our video card driver. But sometimes it is not possible to remove these video card drivers from the classic program removal interface of Windows.

That’s why Display Driver Uninstaller gives you the ability to remove AMD, Nvidia or Intel video card drivers that you can’t remove from the Windows program removal panel. The program detects all the remnants of your video card drivers and completely removes them from your system. This allows you to reinstall the video card driver that is compatible with your system on your computer.

DDU Video Card Driver Removal Program Details

  • The program requires that the .NET Framework 3.5 and later be installed on your system in order to run. You can download the .NET Framework from this link:
  • For best results from the program, it is recommended that you run the program in safe mode and disconnect from the internet during the video card driver removal process, preventing Windows from automatically downloading and installing new drivers.
  • After completing the installation of the Driver removal program, you will see the icon on the desktop. After clicking on it twice, you can see that the program is running.
  • The video card server to be deleted after the program runs can be seen. note that all drivers, all their files will be deleted from your computer after you start the deletion process
  • Note that when your computer restarts after deletion, you will encounter a poor resolution screen. If you do not install the new drivers, the image will not improve.

You can use a variety of automated installation applications to auto-do all operations. For this, you can choose the Driver Booster program below immediately. You can update all of your video card drivers and other drivers with one click.

File Name: DDU v18.0.4.4.exe

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