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FBackup is a free and 10+ language support file backup program that offers an automatic backup option.

FBackup is a backup software that is completely free for all kinds of use. Automatically saves your data to a USB storage device that you specify, one of your computer’s storage units, or to a region on your network.

This file security tool helps to better protect your information and work alongside antivirus software or other similar security programs, giving you the option to save backed up data compressed with standard zip compression or in one-to-one original files.

FBackup’s simple interface doesn’t make it any difficult when defining backups with easy operation and backup wizard. Moreover, the program has English + 10 language support. When determining the backup process, you must follow these steps;

  • * Where do you want to keep backups? (the destination)
  • * What do you want to back up? (the sources)
  • * How do you want to perform the backup? (full backup compressing files, or one-to-one compression-free backup as mirror)
  • * When do you want to perform the backup? (you can also make determinations and perform automatic backups via the agenda, or manually perform a manual backup process yourself)

Backup Destination: LAN, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Azure, Amazon S3, Box, HiDrive, OneDrive.

File Name: fbsetup.exe

Version: 9.5.510

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