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Glary Utilities 5 (Free PC Repair Utility) Download

A free system maintenance tool that allows you to easily perform the necessary optimization procedures after a certain usage process on your computer.

Glary Utilities is a free software that includes many powerful and easy-to-use tools to protect, speed up, repair your computer. You can quickly and simply improve your system performance with this free tool that allows you to clean up public system garbage files, remove or edit your invalid registration entries, and eliminate traces of your web browsing.

With this program, which also allows you to edit and manage your browser add-ons, you can analyze the free space on your disk and find the same and similar files, creating more free space. You can also see and edit shell extensions for programs installed on your system, prevent unauthorized access and use by encrypting your important files, and merge large files into small editable files later.

With dozens of important tools, this system program also includes features such as optimizing your memory, editing startup programs, repairing or removing corrupted shortcuts, removing secure files, and finding empty folders.

Glary Utilities, which has a English language option, only supports Internet Explorer for the option to edit browser cleaning. As a result, the program, which comes up with a very stylish and simple interface, is a powerful software that includes all the necessary tools that should be tried for users who want to keep their computer clean and high performance as it was on the first day.

File Name: gu5setup.exe

Version: 5.181

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