GlassWire (Free Windows Network Monitor Tool) Download

GlassWire is a security software with which you can instantly monitor the activities taking place on your network. With GlassWire, where you can detect the unauthorized operations of the applications you are using on your network or the harmful activities of other users on your network, you can ensure the security of your network by immediately ending these processes and activities.

GlassWire is one of the options that users who want to use a free firewall on their computer can choose, and you will be interested in both its easy-to-use structure and its strict security measures. Considering the inadequacy of the firewall that comes in Windows itself, let’s take a look at what GlassWire has to offer.

By keeping a record of transactions that take place over your internet connection and stopping it when it notices suspicious activity, you can actively block malware that is infected with your computer. Because some antivirus programs lack network surveillance and therefore can’t stop all threats, you can use GlassWire as a tool to support your main antivirus software.

To list other topics that the program can handle besides observing network connectivity;

  • System file changes
  • Changes to applications
  • ARP spoofing operations
  • DNS changes
  • Remote computer monitoring

Users can also unregister their network activities and thus voluntarily waive security in situations that require experimentation and privacy.

If you’re looking for a new security tool to protect your PC security, you should definitely check out GlassWire.

Version: 2.3.397 – Latest

File Name: GlassWireSetup.exe

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