grepWin (Search for Text in Files Windows) + Portable Download

If you can’t find a word you’re looking for from hundreds of text files, you can search the contents of those text files with the grepWin app.

With grepWin application, you can reach the result you are looking for more easily by searching in text files.

Let’s say you’re in the programming business and you don’t know what file you need. Instead of searching all the files individually, you can perform your searches using the grepWin app. Its use is as follows; right-click the folder you want to search to select the grepWin app. Then simply type the code or text you are looking for in Search for and press the Search button at the bottom. The search results will list text files containing the word you want.

Through the app, you can not only search, but also change the text you are looking for through the app. To do this, you can enter the text that you have changed in the Replace with tile under search for. I strongly recommend that you try the grepWin app, which will save you time and speed.


File Name: 32 – 64 Bit – Portable grepWin-2.0.10.msi – grepWin-2.0.10-x64.msi –

Version: 2.0.10

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