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GTA 5 100% Save : Start playing the game with all the missions done.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), which meets players after a long wait, is a game that many players enjoy, but it can become annoying from time to time due to its challenging missions and the fact that it is both numerous and very long in these tasks. If you want to play the game in a complete format, you can do so with the GTA 5 100% Save File.

GTA 5 How to Save 100 Percent?

With the completed save file for GTA 5, players can roam freely through the city without having to do any tasks and experience the successful experience of the open-world game theme to the fullest. This recording file is suitable for players who do not want to perform tasks, as well as for those who have already finished the game on another device and do not want to deal with the same tasks again.

If you don’t want to complete master scenario tasks, side scenario tasks, and entertainment tasks, you can do so by downloading the GTA V 100% save file and uploading it to your computer. Because some achievements in the game require very special abilities or certain conditions to complete them, and not every player can achieve these achievements.

How to Set Up a GTA 5 100% Save File

When installing the completed recording files offered for GTA 5 on your device, you need to pay attention to the following order. It is critical that you follow the steps correctly in this process so that you do not encounter any problems.

Setup Notes:

  • Open the ‘My Documents’ folder from your computer.
  • After logging into this folder, open the ‘Rockstar Games’ folder.
  • Then open the ‘GTA V’ folder.
  • Then switch to the ‘Profiles’ folder.
  • Open the single folder in this folder named ‘774C1548’, or with another name.
  • Copy the files contained in the zip file that you downloaded from our site to the drop-down folder.
  • Close folders.
  • Load from the in-game loading section.

We wish everyone a good game.

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