Hardwipe 5.0.5 Secure File Deletion Program

Hardwipe 5.2.1 – Secure File Deletion Program Download

With the increase in computer usage, data security has inevitably become important. As is known, there are many different data recovery programs, and thanks to these programs, old data can be restored even from formatted disks. So how do we remove data that we don’t want to be brought back like this? We are helped by a free program called hardwipe. If you want to permanently delete files, videos, pictures, music, and audio recordings so that you don’t want them restored, you can do so with Hardwipe. You can delete secure files in a program that works with different algorithmic processes. With hardwipe, which supports USB disks, you can also safely delete and format files on your USB sticks.
When you want to use the program, right-click on the file or folder where you want to delete persistent data, and just press clean free space from the options that

You can download 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Hardwipe that are suitable for your system from the links

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