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KCleaner Lite – Junk Files Removal Program Download

KCleaner Lite allows you to completely clean up all junk / unnecessary files on your hard disk, allowing you to both get high performance and free up disk space by relaxing your system.

KCleaner is a free software that allows you to clean up junk and temporary files on your system.

KCleaner is a successful software that helps you free up space on your disk by identifying and deleting junk data that takes up space on your system.

Thanks to the program’s user-friendly interface, users of all levels can easily use the program.

Under the program’s settings menu, you can also activate existing scanning options for programs and applications such as the program’s recycling dry, Windows dual installation files, Apple, and Adobe Reader.

KCleaner is software where you can easily delete found results from your computer by scaning many files such as temporary system and internet files, cookies, list of recently used files, Firefox and Macromedia caches, Windows log files, Chrome and QuickTime caches, DNS logs, and so on.

After scanning, you can manually delete the data on the list you see, or you can have KCleaner Lite automatically delete junk data if you want.

Using a very small amount of system resources, the program completes scanning operations quite quickly. I can recommend KCleaner Lite as an alternative system maintenance program, where we did not encounter any problems or problems during our tests.

Note: During the program setup, offers for different applications and software are included. Please pay attention to these during installation.

Features of KCleaner Program

  • – Clears all temporary and unnecessary files.
  • – Offers two different options: simple and expert mode.
  • – Protects important files on your system.
  • – Allows you to perform advanced cleaning in expert mode.
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