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Edge blocker is quite easy to use. All you have to do is press block or remove block. Please note changing the default browser before the procedure.

Block the use of the EDGE Browser is not easy. Even if you use another browser, it can run in the background and consume the system resource. Even if you can ban it with the local group policy editor or applocker, those who use Windows 10 Home or single language versions do not have such a chance because applocker is not available in both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro OEM &retail && volume versions, enterprise version is already available for businesses, so we asked the team to investigate a way to ban Microsoft Edge And after a short investigation, we found that blocking Microsoft Edge wasn’t as easy as it thought, because it was working with the service and was the main operating system component, and in older versions, PowerShell could be disabled when it ran on admin powers and gave the following command.

Get-AppxPackage  *edge* | Remove-AppxPackage

But then measures were taken against this command, and it’s not working now, so I wish Microsoft would give up the idea of forcing people to use something (But I don’t think so). If for some reason you want Microsoft Edge not to be used on your system, you can use the application edge blocker. The software blocks both the classic and Chromium EDGE Browser.

Block Microsoft Classic and Chromium EDGE with Edge Blocker

It is a free and portable application, we have not added language support already the two buttons in the interface explain everything, it is extremely simple to use. Performs its function when the corresponding button is pressed.

1. Download, uninstip and run the software from the link at the end of the page will come up with an interface like the following.

Microsoft’s Chromium-based EDGE is also available for sale for other versions of Windows, and even as a Microsoft classic, the classic EDGE will be forcibly updated to Chromium-based EDGE. When you run the application, we will come across an interface like the following. Press the “Block” button to block, block, or disable the Edge browser, that’s all

The Edge icon in the interface has taken a faint shape , which means Microsoft EDGE is blocked , then when you run edge it will not work and will close immediately (Classic EDGE),while the Chromium EDGE browser will give a warning as follows. (Note: This error was fixed with the new version of Edge Blocker (v1.7))

If you want to get it up and running again, just press the “Unblock” button. If your default browser is Microsoft EDGE and you do not have any other browsers, our advice is first to change your default browser, if you are not going to install a new browser, you can make internet explorer your default browser, even if it is temporary, so tick the “IE Shortcut” box in the software interface , it will create an internet explorer shortcut to the desktop.

Then clicking on the “Default Browser” section will open the setting page where you can change your default browser. EDGE blocker also has CMD parameter support, which we call command prompt.

The software will be especially useful to those who use the Home or Pro version of Windows 10 in the workplace, or who are looking for a way to prevent the child and his younger brother from visiting the sites they want with EDGE under limited user control.

File Name: EdgeBlock.zip – EdgeBlock.exe – EdgeBlock_x64.exe

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