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MorphVOX Pro (PC Microphone Voice Changer Program) Download

With MorphVOX Pro, you can change your voice on your Windows computer microphone and get people to know you in a different tone.

Today, the place of technology and the internet in our lives is the defeat of everyone. Internet usage has increased considerably with smartphone use both in our country and around the world. The internet through smartphones is always in our pockets with us. Sometimes we follow the developments in daily life, sometimes we try to have fun moments with games. It has a variety of harms as well as the benefits of smartphones and the internet. While some software continues to be implemented for devices with insufficient security environment and internet environment, today a voice changer program called MorphVOX has attracted attention.

Today, while we are changing our location and information with various software to browse the internet safely, now sound replacement programs are gaining attention. Developers have launched an app called MorphVOX for users who participate in voice chats in a variety of environments. MorphVOX Windows and Mac computers implemented by Screaming Bee LLC are also among the voice replacement programs.

MorphVOX Features

  • Simple design,
  • Simple operation,
  • Thickening and customizing the sound,
  • English language support,

With MorphVOX, you can change your tone on your Windows and Mac device morphvox. You can adjust your tone before entering games, joining voice chats, and prevent someone else from recording and using the original version of your voice. Today, human voice is also used for security verification. In particular, bank answering machine works sensitively to human voice. MorphVOX Pro, which is currently used with interest by security-minded users, gives users the opportunity to quickly change their tone. In addition, the program can be used for various jokes. Users can change their tone and have a pleasant time making deer with their friends.

Support Live Stream: VR Chat, Twitch, Skype, Discord, Fortnite, CounterStrike, Pubg and other online game chat.

File Name: MorphVOXPro5_Install-1.exe

File Version: 5.1

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