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PhotoScape is a graphics editing program developed by MOOII Tech in Korea. The concept of this program is simple yet fun, and it allows you to edit photos from your mobile phone or digital camera. There are many features to choose from, including Crop and Editing tools. Learn more about PhotoScape by reading our review. We’ll also cover the features that will make editing your photos easier. We hope you enjoy it!


If you want to edit photos to make them look better, Photoscape is a great option. This software comes with a variety of tools for fixing and enhancing photos. The Viewer tool lets you adjust the size and orientation of the images, and the Editor tool allows you to alter the look of a picture in bulk. There are also features that allow you to arrange multiple photos into a single digital picture. You can also adjust the appearance of the frame, adjust the brightness, and apply filters.

Unlike many other photo editing programs, PhotoScape allows you to convert RAW photos to their compressed counterparts without the need for a third-party application. It also lets you apply effects to an entire batch of images at once. You can also rename groups of photos with a pattern, insert a date, or insert a specific character or number sequence to each. Photoscape is so comprehensive that even beginners can create satisfactory results using this software.

The basic view of the app has the ability to crop images. It allows you to move and resize objects as well as view the EXIF data. The thumbnail size is small, but you can use the rotation feature to reposition images. The program offers several other options for arranging photos, including cropping and renaming. When selecting a photo, you can also preview it in the photo view. Alternatively, you can copy the picture and paste it into Photoscape.

In addition to the batch editor, PhotoScape has the option to change the color of the text and bubbles. You can also adjust the size and contrast. Moreover, you can add speech bubbles and quotes to your photo. Once you have chosen the design, you can position it according to your preference. Alternatively, you can save the installation files to your USB. Then, run the executable file to install PhotoScape on your computer.


With its extensive collection of geometric shapes and icons, PhotoScape is an excellent computer graphics program that offers the ability to create and edit images. Other features include animation, printing, and publishing. The application comes in both a free and paid version, and you can download it legally from our site. You can also select which languages you want to use the program in. Below are some of the features available. For more information, check out our tutorial video.

Its user interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy to learn and use. Its various tools include an image viewer and a batch editor, as well as tools for image layout, fixing red-eye, and applying filters and effects. It also includes an integrated photo viewer, which lets you preview and saves your work in batches. Moreover, the application supports several languages, including Korean and English. The photo editor includes more than 240 figures and over 1000 patterns for you to use.

After installing PhotoScape, you can use its screen capture feature. It allows you to take digital pictures of your computer screen, whether it is the entire screen or only a part of it. Then, you can edit the image using tools from PhotoScape. You can either click Capture Full Screen to take a picture of the entire screen, or you can click on Screen Capture to take a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen.

The PhotoScape interface is easy to learn and simple to use. You can open your photos in a tree-like order and drag files from folders or the desktop. You can also use the editing tools included in PhotoScape, including overlapping effects and 200 frames. This software is available for free, so it’s definitely worth a try. Just remember that there are free versions of the program, so check out the demo version and give it a try!


The crop tool in PhotoScape lets you select a portion of the image that you want to crop. By holding down the left mouse button, you can adjust the crop field to match the size you want. Once you have selected the crop area, double-tapping the crop tool will crop the image. Crop images to the exact dimensions you want. You can also move objects to the back of the photo or trash them. The tutorial video below demonstrates how to crop an image in PhotoScape.

You can crop in Photoscape to make a web content image. The crop tool is located in the Editor section of the screen. To crop, select the desired region and then hold and drag it. To crop a photo, you can also enter a number of options, including color schemes and overlays. If you’re using Photoscape for web content, you’ll need to know the best settings for your photo. Cropping will affect how it looks and feel, so try selecting a 4:5 ratio.

The batch feature of PhotoScape enables you to edit several images at once. You can choose several photos and apply different editing options to them at the same time. For instance, you can resize, crop, contrast, and clarity all the selected photos in one go. You can also add effects and frames to your images using this feature. Once you’ve mastered the basics of batch editing in PhotoScape, you can move on to more complex tasks.

Besides cropping, PhotoScape also offers a number of other editing tools. One of them, Film Effects, can help you apply a film-like effect to your pictures. These can be found under the ‘Editor’ tab on the Home tab. Sepia, for example, changes a photo to a reddish brown tint. Bandicoot, on the other hand, adds a green tint to the photo.

Editing tools

When you import your images into Photoscape, you’ll find several different editing tools at the bottom of the screen. Among these are tools for cropping, resizing, and applying effects. For adjusting color, brightness, and contrast, you can use the Effects tool. The Enhance and Adjust tabs, meanwhile, allow you to manipulate the entire image. They also offer tools for changing the image’s color palette, contrast, brightness, and gamma.

Photoscape is an excellent choice for those looking to edit their photos. This free photo editor provides you with all the basic tools that you need to create amazing images. It allows you to apply editing tools to a group of images, and it even supports RGB color codes. And it’s fast and easy to use, so even people with minimal computer knowledge can take advantage of Photoscape’s many features. It’s worth a try if you want a simple, quick, and effective photo editor.

Another useful tool is the Combine tool, which allows you to combine multiple photos into a single image. The Combine tool enables you to specify the arrangement and size of photos. You can also modify the margin color, adjust the interval between the photos, and round the edges of the images. Before you continue with this tool, remember to click Save to protect your work. Once you’ve successfully combined your photos, you can use other tools in PhotoScape to further edit them.

The image viewer in PhotoScape is a helpful feature that makes it easy to view and browse your photos. It supports various image formats, including RAW. If you want to edit a photo carefully, you can click the “Edit” option to select the right tool. If you want to edit multiple photos, you can also use the Batch Editor tool. In addition, you can batch process multiple photos in Photoscape. When editing, you can rotate, crop, and zoom in for precise editing.


There are a few good alternatives to PhotoScape, which are similar in style but offer different features. The first of these is WidsMob Retoucher, a lightweight photo editor that meets many basic editing needs. While it lacks hundreds of stickers and other options, WidsMob can remove photo noise and retouch portrait photos. Another popular alternative to PhotoScape is PicMonkey, which offers powerful editing tools without the need to download.

Other PhotoScape alternatives include photo editors, cut-out tools, collage tools, color pickers, and collage tools. PhotoScape is a powerful, all-in-one photo editing application that supports a wide variety of file formats, including RAW. It supports multiple filters and effects, including layers and masks. It is suitable for batch editing. Despite being so powerful, PhotoScape is not for everyone. If you’re using Linux, Photopea is an excellent option. It supports RAW and JPEG files, many filters, and text editing tools.

While Photoscape is an excellent choice for novices, there are also many free alternatives available to suit advanced users. When comparing these options, remember to pay attention to speed and quality. If you’re a student, blogger, or just someone who enjoys taking photos, you’ll love these alternatives. Most have powerful color and light tools, adjustable clarity settings, and the ability to create custom filters. If you’re a professional, you’ll find that Photoscape can be expensive, so it’s worth a look to see if you can get by without it.

Another good photo editing software alternative is IrfanView. PhotoScape X supports many advanced features like Adobe Photoshop. Its photo editing features include layered editing, text editing, and graphic conversion. You can even import photos from scanners with Photopea. PhotoScape X offers web-based editing tools for quick and easy image resizing and cropping. A good alternative to PhotoScape is a combination of features and functions, so it’s a great choice for both novices and professionals.

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