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Priform Defraggler v2.22 Defragmentation Program Download

Defraggler v2.22 is a free defragmentation and disk cleanup program developed by Piriform. Unlike other versions of the program, another feature related to statistics has been added in this release. However, it is now compatible with the SSD Disk (Solid Disk), which is different and more performance than the normal hard drives that are now in use. In addition, Defraggler v2.22 is another feature that distinguishes itself with different programs, allowing you to merge only the folders you want with the Merge folder option from the Motion tab. It can also show the percentage of transactions it instantly performs and the estimate of the remaining time after starting the defragmentation process. Because the program is well optimized, it does not cause problems such as contraction if it is operated even when processing your system.

The program’s exe file allows you to use it on any portable device if you make a copy to a USB memory device. It is also an advantage that the program offers English language support. Defraggler v2 is faster and more stable than windows’ classic disk defragmenter, allowing you to save your settings to a system file (.ini) and use it at any time. It can also show the temperature of your disk, the amount of buffer memory and how it is physically doing. It can also show how many your drive is divided into and the drive letters of the partitions.

With the timing feature, you can combine to any day and time. You can set Defraggler to work at each opening or first opening. After you start merging in the program, you don’t have to wait for it to end at your computer, and it can be adjusted to shut down your system after the process is finished.

If you want to download and use Defraggler Full, you will have to pay some fees. In summary, we recommend that you include windows programs that should be on your system.

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