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Prime95 30.8 PC Torture Test & CPU Stress Test Program Download

Prime95  is a useful program that you can use to test your system when you overclock it. Currently in use, prime95 30.8 is available for the interactive AVX command set. Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors, i.e. Core i3, i5 and i7 2xxx and 3xxx series have been redeveloped. Prime95 for a windows 64 user, they will be able to tell whether their post-overclocking system is stable, whether it’s on Amd or Intel, by subjecting it to stress testing.

Prime95 for overclockers can test their systems with a feature called Torture Test for CPU and RAM testing, allowing them to understand whether their system will encounter problems such as freezing and resetting or contracting in a difficult process with their computers in the coming days. As you know, many new motherboards and processors, even ram and graphics cards can now be comfortably  overclocked.

Overclocking enthusiasts know very well that when their system overclocks from biostan, my system is turned on and they can’t say they can use it, so they know very well that there is one more process they need to do, which is to test whether the system is stable, which is where Prime95 can help us.

Downloading Prime95, we extract the compressed file to the folder and run it by double-clicking on the green icon that says p2-1 running the program. In the window called “Run a Torture Test” after the program is opened, it gives us options to test by installing maximum L2 cache and Ram test in option 1, Maximum power consumption in option 2 and Blend in Option 3, mixed CPU and RAM. It is installed in the complete system in the option it gives in Custom. There’s also a feature under Custom that lets you choose how many cores to test if your processor is dual-core or more than 2 cores. If the program fails in red, your system is unstable, usually if the program is run for 20 minutes, you can test the system and then increase it to 2 hours if you want to be more comfortable, but overclocking enthusiasts leave the system to test from night and continue to use it if there is no problem when you look at it in the morning.

The program does not impose a restriction on the duration of the program that will continue to test your system unless you turn it off. If you think the program is closed when you close the program around the corner, you are mistaken, in which case it will minimize itself to the clock button and continue to work. When the program you need to do to exit completely is open, you need to right-click the stop option on the TEST tab, and if you have logged out of the corner, right-click the icon on the clock button and exit.

(The user is responsible for any problems that may arise with overclocking and program use for the use of the program, accepts no responsibility at all.)

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