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Remote Mouse (Phone Mouse and Keyboard for Computer) Download

Remote Mouse is a free remote control software that helps you control your computer remotely using your smartphone or tablet using iOS or Android operating system.

Remote Mouse is basically software that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a wireless mouse and keyboard that you can use to manage your computer. Thanks to the software, you can sit back and get rid of the hassled of reaching for your mouse and getting up and getting comfortable while watching movies, listening to music or transferring files from your computer.

  • To take advantage of Remote Mouse software, first download the software’s mobile apps to your smartphone or tablet using these links:
  • Install the Windows station of the software we mentioned in step two on your computer
  • In step three, pair your smartphone or tablet and computer over the same WiFi network and start using the software


  • Power Options: Shut down your computer with one click, restart it, sign out, or put it to sleep.
  • Remote Application: Launch or switch apps quickly. It is offered with a desktop button to make it more convenient.
  • Air Mouse: Move the mouse’s cursor by waving your phone through the air. Beautiful use of gyroscope and accelerometer features on mobile devices.
  • Customized Interface: Turn on the feature you want, turn off the feature you don’t want. Customize the user interface that works best for you.
  • Voice Typing: Integrated with voice recognition from iOS and Android. Simply type on your computer by clicking the volume button and talking to your phone.
  • Remote Audio: Press your mobile device’s physical volume buttons to adjust the computer’s volume or change presentation slides.
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