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Sandboxie – Risk Software Tracking Program Download

With Sandboxie, you can create a virtual space on your hard disk and secure your computer by installing all risky programs in it.

The Sandboxie program has emerged as an application designed to protect the Windows operating computer from harmful or suspicious software and to try newly installed software in confidence. I don’t think you will have any difficulty using the program thanks to its easy-to-use structure and the customization options that I can say quite widely.

Sandboxie basically opens up a dedicated space on your computer’s hard drive and allows you to install the software you want to install here. Other programs and applications are installed only in this designated Sandboxie area, allowing them to be immediately removed in the event of any danger, and it is also possible to be immediately isolated from the rest of the system.

If a new software you install turns out to be a malicious virus, it is impossible for the virus to overflow from its location on the hard disk and affect other files on the system. Thus, I can say that we are actually facing a stronger protection system than even the best antivirus programs. Of course, it is also possible to move the programs you are trying to other normal parts of the hard disk if they come out secure.

Ensuring that an entire sandbox area is emptied, locked, and reset as soon as you sense the danger is among the ones you can do. However, it is good to avoid installing software that you intend to use regularly in this area. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of both a poor operating performance and the loss of important data in the event of danger.

Those who want to install risky software here by creating virtual storage space on their hard drive should not go through Sandboxie without browsing.

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