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Sony Xperia Flash Tool (ROM Download, Install and Bootloder Removal) Download

Download Sony Flash Tool program, download ROM, install ROM, bootlader unlock for your Xperia phone easily.

The Sony Xperia Flash Tool allows you to perform actions that the Sony Xperia Companion program does not allow, such as downloading and installing ROM, unlocking bootladers. As a Sony Xperia Android phone user, you can easily downgrade with this program. With the Sony Xperia Flash Tool, which offers android users many functions for free, you will be able to download and install any ROM on your Sony smartphone. The free assistive tool, which is published with English language support, can be easily used by users from all walks of life with its simple structure.

Sony Xperia Flash Tool Features

  • Free ROM download and install
  • Specific to the Android platform,
  • English language support,
  • Secure
  • Convenient

Sony’s Sony Flash Tool program, which is offered free of charge to Xperia phone users, allows you to throw any software you want on your device, unlike the Sony Xperia Companion. If you prefer Custom ROMs, you can easily download, discard, install ROM with this program. This program also performs the removal of bootlader lock, which is a necessary process for ROM installation, rooting. The utility, which is used with English language support, does not let users down with its secure structure. Sony Experia Flash Tool, which makes ROM installation a must for the Android platform, continues to make its name.

The Sony Flash Tool program supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, offering a graphical user interface that allows you to easily install the software you want on your Sony Xperia phone by clicking on the buttons without having to worry about writing code. Not forgetting, you need the latest USB drives for the program to work. You can install the driver with the Sony Xperia Companion software.

Download Sony Xperia Flash Tool

The Sony Xperia Flash Tool used on the Windows platform is very useful. Connect your phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable and run the program. Then select the ROM option that you want to install. In minutes, the ROM will be installed on the device and you will be able to use your smartphone on the Android ROM of your choice. You can start downloading and using the Free Sony Xperia Flash Tool immediately.

File Name: Xperia_Flash_Tool_Setup_18w47.exe


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