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Superstring is a lyric video making program that you can use for free on your Windows computer.

Superstring is a lyric video-making program that offers detailed options that you will need when you want to make videos with lyrics. With the program where you can throw away your song and add the background you want and edit it freely, it is possible to make your own lyrics videos in only 3 stages. Superstring, which comes across as a video making program, can be used on computers with both Windows and Mac operating systems with its free structure. Superstring is based on an open and simple theme that allows free video editing. The app, which allows you to make videos in only 3 stages, continues to be distributed for free.

Superstring Features

  • Free
  • Works on Windows and Mac,
  • gives you the opportunity to make videos in 3 stages,
  • It has a fairly easy use,
  • Has English language support,
  • Picture support,
  • Different background options,

When you search for lyrics on YouTube or other video sharing sites, you can make the videos you will encounter very easily with this program yourself. The interface of the program is not very simple, but I don’t think you will need it. Superstring, which can be easily used with its simple structure, makes Mac and Windows users smile with its free structure.

To make lyric videos through the program, you first import your song – drag-and-drop method. You then add the lyrics to the song and adjust your timing. If you wish, you make edits such as font, style. As the final stage, you set a beautiful background. You have the chance to customize the background just like text. When you think everything’s ready, you export it and share it on YouTube or any platform you want.

Download Superstring

Available for free on Mac and Windows platforms, Superstring allows you to make videos with fast and practical edits. You will be able to make different videos and share them on different platforms with the auxiliary tool, which can be easily used by users from all walks of life. The app has different background options and only supports English languages. The auxiliary application, which can be easily used without English language support, allows to make videos with various pictures. Users can download the app immediately and start using it immediately.

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Version: 2021.10.21

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