TeamViewer 12

TeamViewer 12 for Windows + QuickSupport 12 Download

What is Teamviewer 12 and what is the purpose of using this system? Thanks to the Teamviewer system, a connection can be established between two computers. In other words, the computer, which is in two different areas, is connected to each other and the process is provided. Among the computers, the system, which we can also call the remote control system, provides personal support in many subjects.

What Teamviewer 12 Does

If we talk about the opportunities offered by the Teamviewer application to the users;

  • Remote computer maintenance
  • Organizing meetings
  • Making presentations
  • Access to remote computers and servers
  • Performing technical maintenance required for the computer
  • Performing computer management
  • Performing team work
  • Short and fast programs required for office or training
  • Organizing group chats
  • Establishing a quick connection with the people in your computer and contact list
  • Making audio and video recordings of meetings

Why use Teamviewer 12? The biggest reason for this is that some companies demand old version teamviewer. Because if that company has previously purchased the teamviewer 12 version, then it can only access computers with teamviewer 12 + QuickSupport 12. For this reason, it will ask you to install your version 12 on your computer. You can easily download and install it through Filecoo.


File Name: version_12x/TeamViewer_Setup.exe

Version: 12 + TeamViewer QuickSupport 12 TeamViewerQS.exe

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