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VLC Media Player 64 Bit + 32 Bit Download

VLC Media Player is an advanced media player developed in open source and distributed completely free of charge.

VLC Media Player, commonly known as VLC among computer users, is a free media player developed so that you can play any type of media file on your computers without any problems.

VLC Player Download – Free Media Player

VLC, which supports almost all file extensions for both video and audio files, ranks first among the media player preferences of many computer users, even with this feature alone.

With a clean installation, VLC Player offers you many different options even during installation. With VLC, you can select all the file extensions you want to play during setup, so you can play media files with the file extension you have designated on VLC as the default media player.

VLC Player is fully focused on playing media files, with a simple and understandable user interface that can be easily used by computer users of all levels. Offering a highly advanced and effective solution for computer users whose purpose is to play media files smoothly and quickly, the program has managed to outperform many of its market rivals in this regard.

You can easily access the different interface options developed for the software, which also offers theme support for users bored by the classic VLC Media Player user interface, through the developer page and start using themes you like by downloading them immediately on your computer.

VLC Media Player offers users many different customization options and advanced settings besides theme support, and tries to offer you as much as you expect from a media player in as simple a way as possible.

With the help of the program, which also provides you with many different information about the video or audio files you are currently playing, you also have the chance to record audio or video if you want. With the help of the program, where you can also follow audio or video streams posted online on different sources, you can record the content you are watching or listening to on your computer and then watch or listen to it over and over again if you want.

Different effects and settings that you can use to improve the quality of the videos you are watching or the music you are listening to are also among the blessings offered to you on VLC Media Player. It’s a 12-channel equalizer, and fine sound settings and effects that will make you feel differently are also waiting for you on VLC.

VLC also offers options such as cropping, coloring, adding filters, applying advanced filter options on videos, and supports syncing and advanced subtitles between audio and video.

Given all these advanced features that VLC Media Player has, it is undoubtedly a fact that it is the best and most advanced media player on the market. A customizable user interface, excellent functions to use, easy operation, advanced audio and video format support and much more are waiting for you on VLC Media Player.

  • Offering customizable interface solutions.
  • Continued development as an open source.
  • Having add-on support.
  • Classification of the Settings menu as Simple and Advanced.
  • To be able to read all audio and video formats.

File Name 32 Bit: vlc-3.0.16-win32.exe

File Name 64 Bit: vlc-3.0.16-win64.exe

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