What is Air-Fi?

What is Air-Fi?

What is Air-Fi

Air-Fi is a method of file hacking used by hackers. The method ‘Air Gap’ wi-fi has made its name worldwide with its security system. However, studies reveal that this hacking method can be used even when the device does not have a Wi-Fi connection and can transmit data wirelessly. Although technically it requires quite detailed work, it simply works as follows.

Air-Fi works with viruses previously implanted in the computer, and the system works in combination with an electromagnetic release. When this combination starts to work, the hacker can copy the data if it’s within 10 feet of the device. Although there is only a slow transfer rate of 100 bits per second, you can also guess that this speed can be quite sufficient, especially when transferring images and text.

Academic studies on Air-Fi can also inform us about the subject. As a result of these studies, we know that the system is not preferred by everyday hackers, but agents and spies use it. Unfortunately, the studies do not offer very clear ways of protection. This type of high-tech, the best-known way to protect your devices from hackers, can say that it’s about not letting anyone or any device near your device.

Note: These attacks occur not through memory units, but through memory, and the equipment affected by electromagnetic studies is also DDR memory. We encourage our curious readers to read the academic paper published by Mordechai Guri, who has been working on the subject.

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