What Is Telephoto Camera (Lens)?

What Is Telephoto Camera (Lens)?

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What Is Telephoto Camera Lens

Introduced in 2016 with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the dual camera feature is now visible on mobile phones with 4 cameras or even up to 5 cameras. While many users no longer buy single-camera dual-camera phones, they decide by looking at multi-camera options for better photo quality.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the features of a telephoto lens and examine what it adds to smartphone cameras.

What is Telephoto Camera / Lens?

What Is Telephoto Camera Lens

The telephoto lens is designed to bring you as close to the distant object as possible. With higher focal lengths, telephoto lenses allow you to zoom in without sacrificing image quality.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi A1 models are some of the dual-camera smartphones with wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. Today, 5x zoom is added to models such as  Huawei P40 Pro.

How Does Telephoto Affect Your Photos?

What Is Telephoto Camera Lens

The telephoto lens works much better than the digital zoom that enlarges and trims the photo. It has twice the focal length of the primary lens and instantly provides you with 2x optical zoom supported by the phone.

In addition to providing much-needed optical zum, the telephoto lens can also capture good images with shallow depth of field. It also allows the primary camera to get better images by completing it in portrait mode to provide the bokeh effect.

Telephoto Lens and Wide Angle Lens Differences

As the name suggests, a wide-angle lens provides a wider perspective without the need to pull back the zoom. Wide lenses give you a wider field of view, while telephoto lenses provide a narrower view. The wide-angle lens was first introduced on the lg G5, which was introduced, and repeated this feature with the LG G6 model.

Wide-angle lenses shift the focus away from individual items at the angle you’re looking at and highlight only the overall wide view. Telephoto lenses, on the other hand, focus more on the size and shape of each remote element and offer a more vivid perspective. Today, most smartphone manufacturers add the background blur effect, which provides breathtaking images in portrait mode. The combination of telephoto lens and background blur allows it to deliver far superior image results than applying background blur to only wide-angle images.

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