WhatsApp PC Beta - Windows

WhatsApp PC Beta – Windows Download

With WhatsApp Beta, you try out the latest WhatsApp features before anyone else. WhatsApp Beta is free and can be installed on Windows 11/10 PCs.

WhatsApp beta is a version specifically designed for Windows 11 and Windows 10 PC users. WhatsApp Beta, which offers the latest features of WhatsApp to Windows PC users, is based on the universal Windows platform.

WhatsApp Beta Features

The WhatsApp app for the new desktop can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, giving you the chance to experience the latest features of WhatsApp, such as privacy management, archiving and deleting chats, changing the notification audio, identifying the types of media to be downloaded automatically, as well as the multi-device feature that enables phoneless WhatsApp usage. If you’re a Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC user, you can download the new WhatsApp app to your PC for free.

WhatsApp is a free messaging and video calling app used by over 2 billion people in more than 180 countries. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program used in PC, web browser and smartphones. Now the windows 11/10 PC users-specific version of WhatsApp Beta is available for sale. WhatsApp Beta, as you can imagine from its name, appeals to users who want to experience new features coming to WhatsApp before anyone else. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft app download store for free.

WhatsApp Beta Download PC

Click the WhatsApp Beta Download button above to go to the new WhatsApp app download page.

  • On the page that opens, click the “Import” button. You will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account.
  • WhatsApp will start downloading.
  • When WhatsApp is installed you will see the “Start” button, click it.
  • The WhatsApp desktop app will open with the QR scan code.
  • Scan with your registered phone and get started with whatsApp’s latest features.

What is WhatsApp Beta?

WhatsApp Beta PC gives you the chance to experience new features that are not even available in current versions of WhatsApp. You won’t be greeted with a WhatsApp Beta program full alert. The latest WhatsApp beta is available for download through the Microsoft Store. WhatsApp beta is free. You can provide feedback on any errors, issues, shortcomings, improvements, suggestions that you encounter in the app.

The new desktop app also says that personal messages and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that your chats cannot even be read or listened to by WhatsApp.

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