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Download WinRAR 64 Bit + 32 Bit Windows: Compressed RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip is a popular compressed file opening and file compression program that you can use to open archive files with ISO extensions.

Today, it has the best features among file compression programs and is known as winrar, the most comprehensive program. The program, which supports many file formats, stands out for its easy installation and use. The Winrar version of Windows, which fully supports zip and RAR format and offers full support for archiving, is a world-renowned application to ensure that files do not become digitally dispersed and take up much space.

What is Winrar?

Winrar,which is used as a file compression program, is software that allows documents to be stored digitally. Eugene Roshal was the first developer of the software. Later, Alexander Roshal was included in Roshal’s team for the development of the software. Available to users in numerous languages, including English, the software is an effective tool that archives files by reducing file size as well as compression.

Today, many files downloaded from the Internet appear as compressed files. In order to use or open these files, the file compression program Winrar must be installed on the computer. Winrar, a program that is needed to open and use compressed files downloaded from the Internet as well as compressing and storing existing files, makes the user’s job easier with many benefits.

What Does Winrar Do?

Here’s why Winrar, a program built to use the RAR format supported by dozens of operating systems, is needed:

Security: The security of files on the computer has always been an important issue. Compressing and archiving files is always an advantage for the user in terms of security. Files are much safer than files that are vulnerable to a virus threat when compressed with a fixed password. Compressed and encrypted files are much more difficult to deconstruct by a virus than other files.

File Layout: Compressing and archiving dozens of files in a computer environment as one or more files plays an important role in the file layout. A crowded and eye-catching desktop is a work environment that negatively affects work efficiency. Compressing and storing files in an orderly manner is a great convenience for the user.

Space Saver: Just as it is easier to access the files needed with Winrar, the space occupies of the files on the hard drive is decreasing. With space and quota savings, the computer is used much more efficiently. Considering that the files have shrunk by 80% with Winrar, it is much better understood how much space savings are.

Single File Advantage: In addition to storing existing files as a single file, Winrar allows quick downloads of files downloaded from the Internet as a file, not one-by-one, eliminating the difficulty of finding out which folder the individually downloaded files are in.

File Transfer: Transferring files individually by e-mail is very troublesome in terms of labor and time. However, transfer as a single file is fast and it is easier to upload files to the internet. In addition to saving time, the transmission of multiple files to the other side at the same time as the time-raced day also allows documents stored in a single file to be transmitted neatly to the other party without skipping.

Out-of-Scope Benefits: Winrar is a very easy-to-use, fast, functional and operating system-friendly software that works outside its scope. For example, with console commands, the program also helps developers. Let’s say that a 20 MB update file is compressed to 5 MB. When the user wants to make any updates, it will have an advantage of up to 15 MB.

What are the Winrar Features? 9 Reasons to Download Winrar

Winrar,a fast and secure file compression program, stands out for its many technical features compared to other compression programs. It’s like this:

  • Winrar has English language feature and has full RAR and ZIP 2.0 archiving support.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Intel applications in audio, music, and graphics files are done quickly and practically thanks to an advanced and fast tightening algorithm.
  • File tightening is quick and easy with dragging and dropping the file.
  • It has 10%-50% more compression and filing of a large number of files than alternative compression programs.
  • Recovers files that are physically damaged and want to recover with 10%-50% more efficiency than other compression programs.
  • File names support universal code (Unicode).
  • UKB files, archive descriptions, 128-bit encryption and error logging can be replaced with many themes and interface support.
  • Apart from RAR and ZIP, arj can read and analyze BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, 7Z and Z formats.
  • It is a free program that supports the English language.

How to Use Winrar?

If you want to compress and securely archive your files with Winrar, the first step is to download the program to your computer by saying download Winrar. With Winrar, you can compress files in RAR and ZIP in 2 formats. Winrar is extremely easy and practical to use. Now let’s explain the issue step by step by explaining the use of Winrar Windows.

Start by collecting the files you want to compress in a folder. So, to put it in computer language, the files to be compressed must be in the same URL. Keeping this folder on the desktop makes it easier for you.

Right-click the file you want to compress. You come across 4 options, “Add to Archive”, first place. Continue by clicking “Add to Archive”. You can choose the file location you want to compress here, and you can choose by examining many more options. Let’s detail the use of Winrar, starting with the “General” section of the Winrar interface.

General Tab in Winrar

The Winrar interface “General” tab has 7 options that affect file compression, quality and usage.

  1. Archive Name
  2. Profiles
  3. Archive Format
  4. Compression Method
  5. Divide by Volumes
  6. Update Mode
  7. Archiving

According to the selection made in each option, the compressed file becomes much more practical and fast for the user.

1 – Archive Name

The Archive name section is the section where the file is saved. If you do not select where to save the file, your file will be saved in this section. When you want to change where to save, you can click the “Browse” button and select the section where you want to compress the file. With the drop-down box, the location of previously compressed files can also be selected quickly.

2 – Profiles

Winrar is the option to save users time and break files into pieces to ensure compression to desired sizes. You can disassemble a 5GB file and move it from place to place with a 1GB flash memory. To do this, you need to create a profile in the profile section as 1 GB and save it by selecting the compression method.

The profile option, which forum owners use a lot, makes it easy to upload 100 MB of pieces to cloud file storage services.

3 – Archive Format

Compression is the section where the file format to compress is selected. Winrar supports the Rar program and zip program, allowing you to archive Word excel documents with ZIP and public files with RAR.

4 – Compression Method

A feature that determines the diameter at which to compress a file in the compression option and affects file quality. Low-quality compression occurs when the compression process is short. The longer the compression time, the better the compression is made. In the window that opens in the compression method;

  • Store
  • Fastest
  • Quick
  • Normal
  • Good
  • Best

They have options.

You should remember that when you compress in the fastest format, you will compress a file of the lowest quality.

5 – Divide by Volumes

Allows the file to be compressed to be compressed into parts of the desired dimensions. You can compress a 20 GB file by dividing it into 5 4 GB files. In the option, type the part size so that your file is broken into pieces of that size.

6 – Update Mode

Allows updating on compressed and archived files. If the new file to be added is the same as the file in the archive, it provides an option.

7 – Archiving Options

Archiving options are one of Winrar’s most prominent and most important features compared to other compression programs. Provides options for using files during or before archiving. These are the ones that are going to

  • Delete Files
  • Test Et
  • Create Solid Archive
  • Create SFX Archive


The Delete Files After Archived command removes the file from the hard disk.

The Test Archived Files command allows the compressed file to be deleted after testing.

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