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Wise Data Recovery (Free File Recovery Software ) Download

With Wise Data Recovery, you can bring back files deleted from your computer by mistake or as a result of an error for free.

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file that works for you? Do you regret erasing the files you should have used later? Have you ever lost some private data as a result of your computer suddenly crashing?

Wise Data Recovery, a free program, is a successful file recovery software developed to address such problems. It allows you to recover all your data, such as pictures, documents, audio and video files, compressed files, or email.

After installing the program, all you have to do is select the drive you want to scan and start the scanning process. After the scan is finished, you will have the chance to bring it back by selecting any of the files listed. You should definitely try Wise Data Recovery as an alternative file recovery software.

It allows you to recover your accidentally deleted documents (such as photos, word, excel, pdf, email, txt, etc.) from your hard drive, USB stick, memory card or MP3 player. The program ranks the data found as “good”, “bad” and “lost”, marking those that are suitable for conversion.


File Name: WDRSetup.exe

Version: Latest / Wise Data Recovery 6.0.4

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